Gerry Nunn

​Food Safety Coach/Partner

Gerry is an experienced coach, trainer, educator and a ServeSafe® certified food safety professional with over 5 years food safety auditing experience. Gerry "the flying" Nunn developed a respectable reputation as one of the United States top 10 professional wakeboarders from 1998 - 2009. This career allowed him to obtain over seven different sponsors per season and travel around the world to participate in competitions and exhibitions. He is a role model that has over 15 years experience leading a successful professional career, special projects and programs. Gerry has a Bachelor of Science in Spanish Education with a Minor in Physical Education from Ashland University.

Miguel A. Manzano

Managing Partner, Savor Safe Food

​Miguel is a ServSafe® Certified Instructor/Proctor with 15+ years experience working in accounting and 8+ years working in customer service field. He is b​Bilingual in English and Spanish. 

Vincent Fasone, RS, REHS

Managing Director, Savor Safe Food

Vincent Fasone, RS, REHS is an experienced food safety expert with more than 12 years experience in both national and international food safety and has participated as a team member in two nationally awarded food protection programs.

Vincent has both regulatory and private industry experience as it relates to food safety. During his time with Columbus Public Health, Vincent was instrumental in creating a food safety culture within the local Hispanic community and increased the level of trust between the local Hispanic community and Columbus Public Health. While at Columbus Public Health, Vincent was responsible for coordinating, executing and developing the Spanish food safety training program and provided all Food Handlers and ServSafe® courses in Spanish. In 2009 Vincent was a member of team awarded the Samuel J Crumbine award.

Vincent left the public sector and served as the Senior Food Safety Manager for the Columbus Division of the Kroger Company where he oversaw all aspects of food safety for over 125 stores. He focused on operations, government relations and consumer affairs as it related to food safety. During his time at The Kroger Company, Vincent was recognized for  having the “Most Improved Food Safety Scores” on 3rd party audits within the Kroger Company out of 2,500+ stores nationwide. He was also recognized for his stores having the highest COOL compliance out of 2,500+ stores nationwide. Vincent was involved in the development of the Kroger Food Safety Audit which is conducted 6 times per year at over 2,500+ stores nationwide. In 2012 Vincent was a member of team awarded the prestigious Black Pearl award for advancing food safety and quality.

Vincent also served as a Senior Global Account Manager for NSF International, where he was responsible for the coordination and execution of more than 3,000 audits per year in approximately 65 countries. During his time at NSF International, he was responsible for developing, training and implementing several first ever global food safety audit programs for various Fortune 500 companies. He also designed and implemented the first ever food safety audit program for Mexico’s second largest restaurant franchisee located in Mexico City.

Vincent is fully bilingual in Spanish and English and possesses the skills necessary to assist companies both large and small develop a sound food safety program. He has proven experience that allows companies to build a food safety culture within their company and change behavior as it relates to food safety with an end result that embraces food safety and protects public health as well as the company brand.

Rochelly Serrano

Quality Assurance Leader

Rochelly Serrano is a forward thinking and innovative Quality Assurance Leader with over 25 years of experience in the food safety/quality assurance industry, extending from "farm to fork”. Rochelly is experienced in many areas including: food manufacturing, retail, warehouse, food service, and distribution. She is knowledgeable with FDA, USDA, and State regulatory policies and requirements. She is also proficient at site construction review, menu development, sanitation, store inspections, auditing interventions, training, and vendor relations. She is driven to achieve results and exceed expectations in any food safety and quality assurance task presented.

Rochelly has a B.S. in Animal Science from Missouri State University and an M.S in Food Safety from Michigan State University. She obtained a Certificate of Food Safety Laws From Michigan State University which covers: International Food Safety Laws; U.S., Canada, Asia, and Europe. She is experienced in implementing SQF Programs. She is an SQF Auditor and Advanced SQF Practitioner. She is in the process of obtaining SQF Lead Auditor.

Rod Wheeler

“Washington DC’s All Star Homicide Detective” and “No Stranger to the Community” are just two of the many ways Criminal Investigator and Crime Analyst Rod Wheeler has been described throughout his career.
Rod is the Founder of The Global Food Defense Institute, which serves the food, agricultural and chemical industry in protecting products against intentional, deliberate acts of tampering and adulteration as well as assisting companies protect their assets and employee safety procedures.
Previously, Rod has served as the Homeland Security, Food Defense Subject Matter Expert for AIB International. In that capacity, he developed and conducted numerous training and educational programs for the food, agricultural and chemical industry to protect products from intentional contamination and adulteration. As the former Director of the Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness with the Food Products Association in Washington DC, Rod created and developed an entire series of Homeland Security & Defense programs, to support many food processing, manufacturing and retail corporations in developing and implementing food safety, facility safety and security plans, procedures, guidelines and food tampering investigations. Rod was also appointed and served as the Secretariat of the Food and Agricultural Coordinating Council, which consist of high level Federal and State Government officials as well as senior food industry sector representatives that focuses primarily on implementing emergency preparedness strategies for the protection of the food infrastructure in the United States. Rod have conducted nearly 500 Physical Security Vulnerability Assessments and have written dozens of Security Response and Crisis Management plans for corporations large and small. Additionally, Rod has conducted numerous investigations surrounding asset loss, safety and health investigations, and product tampering/sabotage incidents.
With a BA degree in Criminology/Criminal Justice from The Ohio State University, and a Key Executive Masters Degree in Public Administration (MPA) from American University in Washington DC, Rod has remained active around the United States speaking to several organizations on crime related issues, as well as advising and consulting on many major high-profile cases of national interest such as the Sniper Shootings in Washington DC, the Virginia Tech Shooting Massacre, the Washington Navy Yard shooting, the Newtown School shooting, as well as several other major high profile cases of national interest.  Rod has also completed high level training in Terrorism Identification and Response and Workplace Violence from the esteemed Brookings Institute in Washington DC.  His expertise is also in Responding to and Preventing Active Shooter Situations in the workplace. 

Rod is a nationally recognized expert in criminal investigation, law enforcement, Food Defense (FSMA) and a motivational speaker. Rod is an active member of the American Society of Criminology, Association of Contingency Planning, National Association of Crime Analyst, National Blacks in Criminal Justice Association, The National Association of Investigative Specialist, The American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, The International Public Safety Association and the past chairman of the Food Defense Security Council of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).

Rod has assisted dozens of US Based Company’s develop Global Security Plans and Procedures and training on these procedures. Recent clients consist of Starbucks, PepsiCo, RJ Reynolds Tobacco, Frito-Lay, ConAgra, Lifeline Foods and others. In 2010 Rod was presented with a high-level honor from the United States Army Veterinary service for providing guidance and training to over 200 military personnel for assisting the US Military develop Food Defense programs and guidelines for its vendors, suppliers and military bases around the world.

Rod resides in the greater Washington DC area and is a proud member at the Ebenezer AME church.

Donald (Don) L. Barrett

Food Safety Trainer/Consultant
Don began his food safety career in 1980 as a restaurant inspector at Columbus Public Health. During his 32 years at CPH, Don served as the Environmental Health Division’s Training Specialist and then Education/Training Coordinator. In the fall of 1988, Don began as an Instructor/Proctor of the ServSafe® Food Service Manager Certification Course when he joined Columbus State Community College as an adjunct professor in the Hospitality Management Program. In 1989, Aramark asked Don to provide ServSafe® courses for their operations around the state of Ohio. This grew into a consulting career during which Don provided ServSafe® Courses to companies throughout the state. It also led to his being the technical consultant for the creation of the Pathway to Food Safety Series published by the Ohio Grocers Association in 2001.

With a change in the Ohio Food Code in 2001, CPH began offering Person In Charge and ServSafe® Food Service Manager Certification courses to the industry with Don as the main instructor. Don was instrumental in the creation of the PIC course and scheduled all the classes. In 2006, the Ohio Restaurant Association’s Education Foundation selected Don as their second recipient of their “Educator of the Year” award for his years of service to the improvement of the food service industry. It was estimated at the time that Don had certified over 10,000 students through his ServSafe® classes.

In 2008, Don retired from CPH to become a corporate regional Food Safety/Safety Specialist with Giant Eagle, Inc. In his 7 years with Giant Eagle, Don continued instruction but then was the “SafeMark Retail Food Service Managers Program.” Working for Giant Eagle allowed Don the opportunity to apply his food safety knowledge to the daily routines on the grocery industry.

Robert Kramer, RS/ REHS

Managing Partner, Savor Safe Food

Bob Kramer, former Supervisor of Food Safety for Columbus Public Health Department, is now the Director of Food Services and Food Safety for the Economic and Community Development Institute (ECDI) and the Vice President of Savour Food Safety International, Inc. 
Upon retirement, Kramer had over 32 years of dedicated service to the City of Columbus, serving as Supervisor of the Food Safety program for 12 years.  As Director of Food Services and Food Safety at ECDI for the past 4 years, he leads programming related to the incubation of food-based businesses. This includes the development of food safety training curriculum, HACCP plans as well as a licensed food cart/food truck commissary and commercial kitchen in conjunction with ECDI’s Growing Entrepreneurs Initiative.
Bob Kramer actively participates in several committees and councils, Old Worthington Business Association, Old Worthington Farmer’s Market Committee, Central Ohio Food Truck Association and the Political Action Committee for the Ohio Restaurant Association assisting local Food Entrepreneurs in Ohio. Through his participation, he brought together local food restaurateurs and local food truck/cart operators to collectively change city ordinance allowing food truck/cart owners to operate for business on selected areas of city property.
Kramer is also an active member of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP), Ohio Association for Food Protection (OAFP), National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) and the Conference for Food Protection (CFP). He is a Registered Sanitarian in the state of Ohio and holds his Registered Environmental Health Specialist certification through the National Environmental Health Association. He has also continued his education through completing courses for; Preventive Controls Qualified Individual – Human Food (PCQI), HACCP Manager, and ServSafe® Food Protection Manager.

Marcia Ginsberg

Food Safety Trainer/Consultant
Marcia has extensive teaching experience including positions as adjunct culinary instructor at Columbus State Community College and full time culinary instructor at the Columbus Culinary Institute.  She has also taught culinary skills to adult and young adult learners in vocational high school settings. Marcia is a ServSafe® Certified Instructor/Proctor. Chef Ginsberg is a 1996 graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has worked in numerous restaurant and retail food settings.

Barb Hunt

​Managing Partner, Savor Safe Food

​​Barb comes to Savour Food Safety International, Inc. with over 30 years of food safety experience.  Early in her career, Barb worked in several food and water testing laboratories, as a technologist performing cultural techniques for indicator and pathogenic food and water-borne organisms. From 1995 to mid-2016 she was a member of Wendy’s International Quality Assurance team.  During her time at Wendy’s, she conducted hundreds of food safety audits in Wendy’s and Baja Fresh restaurants. She also provided food safety education to company and franchisee operators.
Ms. Hunt participated in cooperative efforts between local & state regulators and Wendy’s stores to promote and facilitate food safety. She attended Conference for Food Protection meetings and co-chaired the local arrangements committee for the 2006 meeting held in Columbus, Ohio.
She has conducted hundreds of food safety and product compliance audits at manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. Barb partnered with the Research & Development team on new product development, specification writing, product evaluation (including sensory evaluation), new supplier approval and commercialization. She partnered with outside laboratories on product evaluation to determine level of compliance to specified parameters and developed sampling and product evaluation protocols. She worked with the supply chain team, making decisions on vetting supplier facilities, second sourcing, cold chain monitoring and distribution challenges.
Barb attended Capital University, earning her BA in Biology, with a minor in Spanish. She has also continued her education through completing courses for; Preventive Controls Qualified Individual – Human Food (PCQI), NEHA HACCP Manager, ServSafe® and SQFI Practitioner. Ms. Hunt is an FSPCA Lead Instructor for Preventive Controls Qualified Individual Human Food.

Charles Colison, MS, RD

Food Safety Trainer

​​Charles Colison earned his bachelor's and master's degrees from University of Baltimore. He completed his dietetic traineeship at Baltimore County General Hospital with affiliations at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Union Memorial Hospital. Colison is a Registered Dietitian, licensed by Maryland Board of Dietetic Practice, and a Certified ServSafe® Instructor.
He has held positions in clinical and administrative dietetics at Baltimore County General Hospital, Carroll County General Hospital, and the State of Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. He recently retired from the U.S. Army Reserve where he provided direct client nutrition services and managed nutrition care activities in both active-duty and reserve military hospitals.
He has taught courses in dietetics, food service administration, management, and food safety at a number of Maryland colleges that include Anne Arundel Community College, Baltimore City Community College, Baltimore International College, Carroll Community College, Hood College, Frederick Community College, and Howard Community College

Gina (Nicholson) Kramer, RS/ REHS

Managing Partner, Savor Safe Food

Gina (Nicholson) Kramer, RS/REHS is the Executive Director of Savour Food Safety International, Inc.™ where she specializes in assisting companies in developing long-term food safety culture and behavior change programs starting with the top to the front line employee. She also specializes in internal and external food safety communication plans during times of crisis for food companies. She has developed a mentorship program for food safety professionals coaching them how to build a program that is a profit center not a cost center for their company. Gina works with companies on new products and technologies from ideation to commercialization that focuses on “improving food safety one GREAT idea at a time”. Miss Gina, formerly the Global Director of Retail Food Services for NSF International, lead NSF’s team of talented retail food safety experts for 3rd party auditing, consulting and technical services for major global retail brands such as Sodexo, HMS Host, T.G.I. Friday’s and Jack in the Box.
As an owner and operator of her own organic bakery, to Manager of Public Health Promotions and a Registered Sanitarian at the Columbus Public Health Department, to her role as Senior Manager of Food Safety & Quality at The Kroger Co., to Global Director of Retail Food Services at NSF International, Gina (Nicholson) Kramer has spread her knowledge and innovative approach of food safety to organizations small and large.
Gina’s skill in food safety education, training and systems development has already helped other national retailer’s to build ambitious perishable food process improvement projects focused on food safety & quality and successfully establish a food safety culture that now permeates these organizations.
In addition to her new role as Executive Director, she is also a very active member of several food safety committees including STOP Foodborne Illness Chair of the Board of Directors, as well as several committees with the Conference for Food Protection, the International Association for Food Protection (she is chair of the Retail Foodservice PDG) and a member of the Education Advisory Board for the Food Safety Summit and the Food Safety Consortium. She is also an active contributor and member of the Food Safety Magazine and Food Safety Tech’s Editorial Advisory Board.
Gina has presented at several state, national and international conferences on topics such as: Measuring Food Safety Success; The Cost of a Food Event; Food Trends that Impact Food Safety; Branding Your Food Safety Message; Selling Food Safety from the Top Down; Creating a Food Safety Culture within the Real World of Retail Foods; 5 Terrific Training Tools; Consumer Education – It takes a partnership; Be Food Safe Participation - from a National Supermarket’s perspective; A Deep Dive into Cold Chain Management; and Translating HACCP to Lean Six Sigma – How to speak the language of the business to build a robust Food Safety program.

Joe Kramer
Managing Partner

Joe joined Savor Safe Food with over 40 years of diverse work experience. Joe is the owner of Kramer Paint & Paper which he has had for 15 years. He is also the Director of Environmental Services for Sunrise Senior Living. An active member of his church, he is on the Capital Campaign Committee, Pastoral Council for the last 10 years, and is Parish Mission leader for Saint Mary Catholic Church. Joe has a bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management and an Associate's degree in Business Administration both from Tiffin University. He has been a member of the YMCA for over 30 years.

Richard M Williams II

Richard is an experienced trainer, educator, leader and a ServSafe [©] certified food safety professional with over 13 years of auditing experience. Williams is an OSHA Authorized
Outreach Trainer for Safety and Health Standards in General Industry, American Red Cross Instructor in Adult, Child, and Infant First Aid, CPR, and AED and an Emergency Medical Responder. He is also a Certified Pool Operator. Mr. Williams served in the United
States Marine Corps. and graduated from The Citadel with a B.A. in Political Science.

Premal Bhatt

Premal graduated from The Ohio State University's College of Public Health with his Master's degree and has worked in this field since graduation in 2014. Premal has worked as an epidemiologist, investigating communicable diseases at both the local health department and state health department levels. His experience in food safety began with his culminating project in graduate school, continued as a foodborne investigator as a graduate intern, and now as a public health employee and food safety trainer/epidemiologist with Savor Safe Food. During his graduate work Premal focused the majority of his time on investigating foodborne illness throughout the entire state of Ohio.