The tragic events of 9/11 reshaped our nation and the entire world. As such, companies located domestically here in the United States and around the world are being challenged each day with new opportunities to better protect their assets, their employees, products and all their stakeholders. There is a growing demand for better security at companies across the nation. A company's survival could depend on how prepared they are to prevent and respond when disaster strikes.

This disaster could come in many forms ranging from catastrophic weather events, an active shooter at your facility or workplace, or a terrorist or protester determined to cause harm to your people, products, image or brand.

We live and operate our businesses in a world that has a growing number of crises. Society is becoming more complicated and diverse. News travel faster and the general public have much more access to information. It is critical and imperative that companies and facilities are prepared for whatever crises may occur within their organization – prepared not only to deal with each situation but also to inform various audiences about what is being done.

Services/Training At A Glance

Food Defense Management Certification Workshop

​CIFT, in partnership with Savour Food Safety International, is proud to present Rod Wheeler, founder of the Global Food Defense Institute, to bring this exciting, one-of-a-kind course from the only authority on food defense. Register Here

Site Specific or Corporate Vulnerability & Risk Assessment 
Supply Chain: Warehouse, Distribution, Transportation, Manufacturing, Processing, Packing, Harvesting, Growing - One to two days (depending on the size of the facility)
Retail: Foodservice, Convenience, Grocery Store Assessment - One to two days (depending on the size of the facility) See More

Global Food Defense Management Certification Training which includes Crisis Management and Workplace Violence
- Two days on site (up to 25 participants) 26 or more participants requires additional instructor at daily rate. See More

Global Food Defense Supervisory Certification (Does not include Crisis Management) - One day on site (up to 25 participants) 26 or more participants requires additional instructor at daily rate. See More

Security Plan Development and Implementation Assistance - Two day minimum

See Something/Say Something-Active Shooter Response Front Line/Office Worker Employee Security Awareness Course - One day/Up to 4 Sessions: Unlimited number of participants. See More

Senior Executive Food Defense Awareness - Two to four-hour course. See More

Tampering/Workplace Situation Investigations and Interviews - Based on need. Emergency response within 8 hours. 

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