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Savor Safe Food is comprised of a team of top-quality food safety professionals with extensive experience in education, auditing, behavioral change, government regulatory, HACCP compliance, Human Resource Training, mystery shopper and crisis management. Our experience directly relates to and focuses on the food, grocery, lodging, and hospitality industries. Our clients include independent restaurants, multi-unit food service operators, hotels, conference facilities, cruise operators, government offices, convenience stores, and supermarkets.

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A Quality Assurance System

Savor Safe Food helps food service operators establish Quality Assurance systems in order to offer safe products to their consumers, create an emphasis on and create a food safety culture, brand protection and to comply with local, state and federal health department regulations and standards.  A proven effective risk management program, the Sherwin Score® is an integrated, independent third-party verification system that involves three basic components: setting written standards, training management and store teams to follow these written standards, and auditing to ensure that the standards are being followed and a food safety culture has indeed been created. Savor Safe Food will train your team how to implement a QA system on a daily basis, and how to conduct periodic inspections using our audit. This will help verify that your internal QA system is not only working, but that a strong food safety culture has indeed been created.

Savor Safe Food offers food safety education and certification programs for employees and managers from ServSafe® of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP), utilizing training materials from the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) Instruction and course materials are available in English and in Spanish.
On line testing for certification in food protection management is available. 80 question ANSI approved exam from NRFSP with immediate results for re-certification only. Individuals in Maryland who have not been previously certified must attend a 16-hour class.

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Savor Safe Food, helps food service, grocery, and lodging operations comply with Health Department regulations to protect the health of your customers, employees, and your business. We offer a wide array of services including:


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